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MKT 603 Strategic Brand Management Assignments: Getting Started

Contains product and retail assignment examples

What We Are Trying To Do?

Using Simmons OneView we are trying to compare key brands in our category (ours vs. a few key competitors) on how they are similar or different in terms of their “user make-up or composition”. For instance, how do they compare in their %s of male vs. female users, or user %s by age groups, or user agreement/disagreement with selected opinion/psychographic statements, or the % who are loyal vs. switchers (etc.)?

To do this, we create tables with the brands we want in the columns, and the demographic or psychographic or loyalty groups in the rows. (Instructions come later on how to set up the tables you want.) Below we see an example for Folgers coffee vs. Maxwell House coffee, compared on male vs. female %s within each brand’s user base.


We are looking at people who use a particular coffee brand Most Often (in the columns).

  • Of the total market, looking across all the brands in the market, via the “horizontal %” we see that 25% say they use Folgers most often, while 14.6% say Maxwell House.
  • By gender, when you look at these same horizontal %s, for all men the shares are 25.2/13.1 for Folgers and MH, while among females they are 24.8/15.7.
  • But now we want the %s for Male/Female WITHIN brand (i.e. within column). So use the Vertical %s. For Folgers the M/F %s are 41.3/58.7 (adding up to 100%) while for MH these %s are 36.5/63.5. So MH has a relatively higher “female skew”. That is the kind of across-brand difference we are looking for.

View the Consumer Surveys

With OneView, you have the ability to view the surveys that were given to the consumer panel by Simmons.  This will allow you to see what questions are being asked and, more importantly, what brands and companies are being asked about.  This is especially true of newer products as they may not be asked about in the survey you are hoping to use.  OneView has surveys from 2008 to the most recent ones that are available.
  • When you log into OneView - click on the "Resources" tab along the upper right hand corner of the screen.
  • Click on "Survey Methodology" on the top row.
  • Under Survey Instrument, you can select the survey that you are using (from the most recent back to 2008). 
  • The survey documents are broken down into four parts: Household, Adult, Kids and Teens.  The sub-sections vary by section.  For Household, the sub-sections are: Food & Snacks, Beverages, Household Products, Pets, Your Home, Electronics and Automotive.  
  • These are available as PDF files (which is great because they are searchable).  The files can be quite large if they use logo graphics.  

Simmons OneView

Additional Resources

Simmons OneView Kresge Guide

For help in interpreting your results, see the "Understanding Your Results" tab.

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