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MKT 603 Strategic Brand Management Assignments: Products Search #4 Ever Used / Tried

Contains product and retail assignment examples

Search #4 Ever Used / Tried

Task: What percent of your PRODUCT's users have ever tried your BRAND?

  • Identify the consumers who use the service or product.
  • NOTE: Brands with high EVER USED but LOW USE NOW scores, have a loyalty/repurchase problem.
  • In this assignment example, EVER USED is a combination of Brand Most Used and Other Brand Used.  Simmons data categories for EVER USED are not uniform.
  • Different products have different time frames. For example, OTHER REG CARB (NON-COLA) DRINK only provides a time frame of last 7 days. BEER – REGULAR DOMESTIC (CANS/BOTTLES)​ has a MO (Most often) and "DRINK ALSO" category. Questions that answer to the "Used in Last 30 Days", "Eaten in Last 30 Days"  “Used in the Last 12 Months” work best for this assignment.

Remember that different questions yield different results. Consumers will be asked if they have tried a product (such as a beverage) but will not be asked if they have tried a service like mobile phones.

  • For this assignment, we are going to find consumers who drink Budweiser as their favorite brand (MO=Most Often) and consumers who have another favorite brand, but who also drink Budweiser.

A. Setup for the assignment:

  1. Click on OPEN button and select the P4 - Ever_Used PLS DO NOT EDIT" file and LOAD.
  2. Rename the file from to something else. In this example, rename to  "Ever Used Beer" or add your product or team name.
  3. Click the CLEAR button at the top of the screen to clear all previous data from the ROWS and COLUMNS boxes.

B. Setup Do YOU DRINK in ROWS:

  2. Check the "Use Question Text along with Answer Text" box above the ANSWER box
  3. Click BEER REGULAR DOMESTIC – DO YOU DRINK?   Drag the "YES" option to the ROWS box.

C. Identify Brand list in COLUMNS

  2. Select and Drag BUDWEISER to the CODING Box at the bottom. The Code “BUDRB1” should appear. Then Click the “OR” Icon.

D. Continue Adding Parameters to Columns

  2. Select and Drag BUDWEISER to the CODING Box at the bottom. The Code “BUDRB2” should appear.
  3. Label the box “REGULAR DOMESTIC BEER - BRANDS DRINK: BUDWEISER” (or something similar) in CODING BOX NAME.
  4. Click the “Verify” button to make sure the coding is valid. Then click the “Move to Columns” Button.
  5. REGULAR DOMESTIC BEER - BRANDS DRINK: BUDWEISER will move up to the first column.

E. Add Additional Brands in COLUMNS and Export

  1. Repeat these steps for COORS and MILLER HIGH LIFE.
  2. Click on RUN CROSSTAB, to run the analysis on your data.
  3. Click EXPORT to save the data in an EXCEL spreadsheet. Excel 2007 is recommended.

Understanding the data

  • Of the total 23,793 people surveyed, only 5,015 drink Regular Domestic beer.  All others responded negatively or do not know.
  • Out of the people who said that they drink Regular Domestic beer, 2,042 or 9.6% have ever used Budweiser. (4.99% drink Coors and 2.93% drink Miller High Life).


Additional Resources

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