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Consumer Marketing Resources: Demographics
& Psychographics

Resources for Demographics

U.S. Census

American Factfinder

  • #1 source for current U.S. population data and the latest economic indicators
  • Data includes income, race, age, education, spending
  • National, state, and city level data

University of Michigan Libraries

Clark GIS & Map Library

  • Clark GIS Libray contains a multitude of maps, GIS, resources, and reference assistance in geo-spatial data
  • Ask about Social Explorer,  which offers easy-to-use tools for visual exploration of demographic information. Great for developing market demographics by region, state, county, city


Resources for Psychographics

Pew Research Center

  • Non-partisan research focusing on families, communities, e-health, education, politics, and news
  • Reports focus on people's attitudes and behaviors as they relate to politics, media & news, social trends, religion, Internet & technology
  • Best known for their Internet and American Life Project, but also have other projects related to religion & public life, Hispanic trends and social & demographic trends
  • Recent report topics include:
    • Adult non-Internet users
    • Economic clout of college educated
    • How Catholics rate the Pope
    • Perceptions of the U.S. economy 
    • Public anger at the government


Demographics: Studies of a population based on factors such as age, race, sex, economic status, levels of education, income level, and employment, among others.

Psychographics: The study and classification of people according to their attitiudes, aspirations, and other psychological criteria, especially in market research.