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BA 500 Resources: Articles & Books

Business article search tips

An article search can often turn up all kinds of information on your company or industry. An article search allows you to be creative with your keywords describing your industry and/or you can also search on terms like "consumers and attitudes" or "supply chain or SCM or logistics" or "best practices," etc. to see what turns up. Articles are also a great source for finding consumer data.  Be on the lookout for research articles related to your topic--look for the data section to see what resources the authors cite.


University of Michigan Library
Search for online journal titles

To find which journals are available online, paste the title of the journal in the box below. This searches the holdings of the MLibrary to discover database(s) where that journal is found along with dates of coverage.

Search for Articles

University of Michigan Library
Search for articles

If you have a citation to an article or paper you would like to retrieve, copy and paste the title in the search box below. If you see the document in the results list, click on the title and look for the "Go to item" link. This will take you directly to the full-text.

Search Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search

Set Up Google Scholar Library Links

Google Scholar allows you to set your preference so that it 'knows' you are a current member of the University of Michigan community. This will allow Google Scholar to present you with direct links to journal articles that are in the Library databases.

To set up Library Links in Google Scholar:

  1. Go to Google Scholar (
  2. Click on "Settings" in the upper right
  3. Click on "Library Links" on the left menu
  4. On the "Show library access links" page
    • Search for "University of Michigan", select the 2 options for Ann Arbor
    • Search for "Kresge Business", select the one option
    • Search for "Ann Arbor Business", select the one option
  5. Click "Save"

Note: Google Scholar saves these settings using cookies on your computer. If you regularly switch computers or do not have cookies turned on, you will need to set these everytime you use Google Scholar.

Search for Books

University of Michigan Library
Catalog Search

If you have a title to a book you would like to retrieve, copy and paste the title to the search box below. If you see the title in the results list, look for the "Available online" link in the record. This will take you directly to database where you can access the full-text. Note: Some databases require a one-time registration to access the full text. If the book is in print format at the University Library, look for "Get this" link to request that it be sent to Kresge. You will be authenticated as a UM user and will be given options on how to get it and where to have it delivered.