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Resources for LA ExecMBA MAP: Welcome!

LA ExecMBA MAP - Getting Started with Kresge Resources

Los Angeles ExecMBA MAP Teams - Fall 2016


Allergan SkinMedica - Laura Berdish

Amazon - Halley Todd

HCP Packaging - Laura Berdish

iConduct - Laura Berdish

Mattel - Halley Todd

Nestle - Halley Todd

Plan International - Laura Berdish

Rainforest Expeditions - Halley Todd

Research Tools You Need to Know

Google Scholar

Great for finding scholarly articles from a variety of sources

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Kresge Library Research Guides

Kresge's topic pages help you find and use a wide variety of Ross, UM and web resources


Will help keep you sane when trying to organize and build your list of sources

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Journal Locator

Wondering about access to a particular journal? Use this search to help you find a journal in Kresge and UM databases 

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Your Kresge Librarian

Your Kresge Librarian