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STRAT 591 Corporate Strategy: Getting Started

Strat 591

Strat 591 Group Project

For this project, each group will be required to collect information on an industry and the businesses in it, and then analyze the industry and at least two firms in the industry. 

Instructions for Database Exercise

1. Each group will be assigned a database. If you're on Zoom, please pick one of the databases and explore on your own.

2. You will have 15 minutes with your group to try searching the database.

(NOTE: Choose someone to share their screen if anyone has difficulty getting into the database.)

3. Discuss. What kind of information does the database include? (For example, does it have statistics? Markets/Industry information? Consumer information? Supplier info? Financial info/ratios?) How could you use this information in the creation of a business plan?

4. Choose one person to report back to the class (3 min. or less): Name 2-3 reasons why the class might want to use this database for their business plan. 


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