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Business Research Resources for "Non-Business-y" Types: Companies

An accompanying guide to the Enriching Scholarship presentation of the same name:

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Analyst Reports

Mergers & Acquisitions

Company Research Resources

Screen public & private companies by geography, revenue, industry, etc.

Company Research Tips

First Steps in tracking down Company info:
  • Check OneSource to determine whether your company is public or private and whether it's a parent or subsidiary or holding company.
    •    This will help give you a sense of how readily (or not) information will be for this particular company.
  • Start digging through the other databases recommended in this guide for:
    • Company profiles & financial data
    • Articles (An article search can turn up lots of info (local, national, international, news, scholarly and trade publications), especially if you’re dealing with a private company).
      • If the company has a common name (e.g. Target), add in facets like an executive's last name or an industry term like retail (see the Articles tab for more ideas).
    • Competitors/similar companies
      • If you can't find much on the particular company in question, try to identify a few similar companies and extrapolate what you can.
    • Industry information
      • Even if you're not finding much on your small, private and/or subsidiary company, it won't hurt to learn more about the industry in which it operates (see the Industry Research tab for more ideas).
  • Try the Thomas Register to see who makes what--it's a directory of manufacturers by US State.
  • Don't forget to check the company's web site and do a general Google search--you never know what you might find.