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Database Guide - Bloomberg: Equities Tozzi Codes

Navigating and locating information in the Bloomberg Terminal at the Tozzi Center

Stock Pitch

To locate a stock ticker:

  • Type TK <go>
  • In Search box, type name of company, i.e. Apple
  • Select appropriate ticker, i.e. AAPL

The Industry

AAPL <Equity>Type code, i.e. AAPL <Equity>BI

BI (Bloomberg Intelligence)

Under Search BI in the top left, type the ticker in the top left and select a specialized report.  Look at Market Share data and Bull & Bear themed reports.

SPLC (Supply Chain Analysis)

Great for Porter’s Five Forces analysis.  Shows the suppliers, customers and peers of select public companies.   Check out the Latest Inventory Growth

 RRG SEC (Relative Rotation Graph)

Graphic shows the company, as compared to its competitors, using momentum indicators.  Competitors are placed into four categories:  Improving, Leading, Lagging and Weakening

N (News)

Bloomberg’s main news page.  Narrow the topic under New Search

CN (Company News)

Under Narrow Search change it to an industry or a big stock in an industry.  Then, under Sources change it to Analyst Research

BMAP (Bloomberg Commodity Map)

Useful command for mapping out Energy Assets, Mines, Vessels & Ports.  Also useful for overlaying storms and earthquakes with that data.

Fundamentals and Valuation

AAPL <Equity>Type code; i.e. AAPL <Equity> FA

FA (Financial Analysis)

  • Use for key statistics, income statement, ratios and segment data

DDM (Discount Dividend Model)

  • Performs a discount dividend model on the stock.  Note – quite often the ‘Long Term Growth Rate’ is set (by default) to an incredibly high number.  Change this number?

RV (Relative Value)

  • Shows a relative valuation of a company vs. comparable companies.  The ‘Overview’ and ‘Comp Sheets’ tabs are useful


  •  Search for ‘DCF’.  Choose the ‘Discounted Cash Flow (2nd model) and click ‘Open’
  • This will open Bloomberg’s Discounted Cash Flow model in Excel, as it has a ‘Perpetuity Growth Model’ and an ‘EBITDA Multiple Method Model’.  Type the ticker in the top left of the Excel page.  Note, by default, some of the settings are usually set to overly optimistic settings

ANR (Analyst reports)

  • Gives a listing of target prices by the various analysts

Technical Analysis

AAPL <Equity>Type code, i.e. AAPL <Equity>BTST

BTST (Backtest)

  • Useful function that runs a backtest of technical indicators on a stock.  Click the test to see when the stock would have been bought or sold

BOLL (Bollinger)

  • Bollinger bands for a stock

GP (Graph)

  • Shows a graph of a stock
  • While under GP, click ‘News’ and click on the chart.  This will show the news on that date
  • While under GP, click ‘Security/Study’.  Click ‘Add Study’.  Add ‘Ewave’.  This will add ‘Elliot Wave’ technical analysis to the chart

WT (World Trends)

  • World Trends graph.  Look at Equity Indices, Currencies and Commodities.  It’ll show which ones are ‘Reversing Up’, ‘Trending Up’, ‘Trending Down’, and ‘Reversing Down’

Fun Stuff


  • Jobs listings


  • Weird news items


  • Sports statistics for NHL Hockey teams


  • Before TripAdvisor and Yelp, Bloomberg users used this


  • This page is just odd.  Before emoticons, there was FLAG


  • The professional gossip (rumor/speculation) page

Type in the name of someone you know.  They might be on Bloomberg.

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