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Database Guide - Bloomberg: Fixed Income

Navigating and locating information in the Bloomberg Terminal at the Tozzi Center

Locating Bonds

To locate all types of bonds and other debt obligations by use one of the following:

  •  SRCH (Fixed income search) and select criteria
  •  SECF (Securities finder) See Tab 36) FX


Locate debt obligations of specific countries with one of the following:

  • <GOVT F2TK <go> ;  Select  country from list featuring bond and treasury obligations
  • Type country name, i.e. Croatia <Help> Select Fixed Income

Compare the debt obligations of larger economies such as United States, China, EU bloc countries

  •  BTMM (Treasury and Money Markets)
  •  WB (Worldwide Bonds)

Obtain sovereign ratings from credit agencies such as Moody's, S&P, and Fitch

  • CSDR (Sovereign Debt Ratings) <go>; Type country

U.S. State & Municipal

Locating current, called, and matured U.S. state and municipal debt obligations by region, financial analysis criteria, and issuer.

  • MSRC (U.S. Muni search)
  • SMUN (Muni issuer)
  • MRSK (Muni Credit Risk). Retrieve issuer; MRSK<go>

Monitor primary and secondary U.S. municipal bond offerings.  Target bonds with conventional characteristics

  • PICK <go> ; Select categories

Ratings by credit agencies such as Moody’s, S&P, and Fitch

  • STGO (U.S state issued bonds)
  • CTGO ( U.S. city issued bonds)


 Look up corporate bonds

  • Type ticker, i.e. AAPL <Corp F3> <Go> ; Retrieve lists of debt obligations

Review current and historical spread data for a bond and its comparable peers

  • Select corporate bond  from uploaded list of debt obligations. 
  • FIRV (Fixed Income Relative Value) <go>

Distressed Debt

DEBT (Amount of U.S. sovereign debt and its major holders)

BCY (Bankruptcy Dashboard)

DIS (Distressed bond portal)