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Database Guide - Bloomberg: Getting Started

Navigating and locating information in the Bloomberg Terminal at the Tozzi Center

Bloomberg's Top Uses

  • Real time market data and news coverage from around the world
  • Current and historical stock prices from global and local exchanges
  • Current public company financials
  • Company financial performance and risk analysis
  • Comprehensive equity technical charting & backtesting
  • Valuing derivatives
  • Mutual and investment fund performance
  • Delisted, bankrupt and inactive companies
  • Corporate, municipal, and sovereign bond prices and ratings
  • Current and historical commodity prices and forecasts
  • Current and historical currency exchange rates
  • U.S. and global economic indicators and forecasts
  • Public company supply chains and key customers if available

About Bloomberg Professional Service




Established in 1982, Bloomberg Professional Service is an information platform providing current financial, economic and government information.  Leading financial institutions around the world use Bloomberg to monitor real time market developments.

The Tozzi Electronic Business & Finance Center at the Ross School of Business provides its students access to this same information and trains them to use if for financial analysis.  Kresge Library Services, 4th floor Kresge Building, also offers two terminals.

Guide Created by

Danguole Kviklys (; Kresge Business Library

Kai Petainen (; Tozzi Electronic Finance & Business Center

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