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Database Guide - Bloomberg: Company Background

Navigating and locating information in the Bloomberg Terminal at the Tozzi Center

Company Coverage

  • Provides real time news, analysis, financial and market data for over 45, 0000 companies traded on major global and local exchanges
  • Over 100,000 private companies covered but information about them is limited because there are no disclosure requirements
  • Delisted, bankrupt and inactive company information also available.  Consult EQS to obtain the latest company coverage numbers
  • Over 2,800 fundamental data items and financial ratios for in-depth company performance and risk analysis.
  • Historical stock price archive varies, up to 30 years or more for some companies.  To access older historical stock prices, use  WRDS – CRSP dataset through the Kresge Library

Company Essentials

Look up a company:

  • Type in company name, select < Help> key  (i.e. Apple <Help>)
  • For more precise searching, otbtain ticker symbol.  Type TK <go> and search for name
  • To obtain company profile, try either:
    • Combine ticker symbol with one of the below function codes:  (i.e. AAPL <Equity F8><go>DES<go>)
    • Ticker symbol select <Equity F8 > <go>  (i.e. AAPL <Equity> <go>)
  • DES company description and overview
  • ANR analyst ratings
  • BI  about company’s standing in the industry and market
  • CF company filings (includes U.S. SEC)
  • CN  company news
  • CRPR Credit agency ratings
  • DVD dividend information
  • ERN  earnings summary
  • FA fundamentals and financial statements
  • GP historical price chart
  • HP  historical price table
  • LI  litigation activities
  • MA Mergers & Acquisitions
  • RMAP overview of a company’s industry and market relationships
  • RV peer company relative value
  • SPLC suppliers, competitors, customers [Limited only to U.S. SEC filing companies who have customer relationships representing over 10% of revenue.]

Bloomberg's Job Connections

Bloomberg Apptitude Test (BAT) 

  • Bloomberg developed critical thinking skills test
  • Intended to be used by recruiters to identify potential job applicants


  • Jobs at  Bloomberg & other businesses

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