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Course Materials for Faculty: About Course Materials

How Kresge Learning Support staff can help faculty members purchase and distribute course materials such as Harvard case studies, digital textbooks, and simulations.

What are "Course Materials"?

Course Materials are copyrighted teaching products (or other intellectual property) that students must purchase before reading, playing, or watching. 

These can include:

  • Copyrighted articles or book chapters
  • Business case studies
  • Online simulations or games
  • Digital textbooks
  • Copyrighted materials that will be handed out in class or released later, such as handouts or exam cases

Our department, Kresge Learning Support (KLS), helps Ross instructors acquire and distribute these products.

We distribute readings (such as cases, articles, and book chapters) by posting them on Study.Net, which is integrated into course Canvas sites. We rely on instructors to distribute other items (including eTextbooks and simulations) after we have set up the session or instance with the vendor. The timeline below and other information on this Guide will help instructors decide how to proceed with their course materials.

Please contact us at for more personalized assistance, or watch for emails from Kresge staff via UMich email or TeamDynamix.


Who is Emailing Me?

The Kresge Learning Services Team

Meet the Kresge team! Please note our email addresses: We will only email with very important questions. Prompt replies will help us make your coursepack accessible to students much more quickly. 

Email Address
U-M TeamDynamix

Our "ticketing system", or group email, used by all team members.
In your inbox, the sender and subject line might look like this:

teamdynamix is people

Debie Gurkin
Manager, Kresge Learning Services Tyler Purdy
Coursepack Coordinator

Tao Gong 
Coursepack Coordinator Emily Schlaack
Coursepack Coordinator


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About Study.Net, Host of Digital Readings

Studynet logo

We use Study.Net, a third-party website, to distribute the readings instructors choose. If you hear about a digital coursepack, this is a reference to the Study.Net sub-site that hosts the PDFs assigned to a particular class. (Just like Canvas, Study.Net can host a "mini-site" for each Ross class.) Instructors are always granted access to their course's Study.Net site at no charge.

Study.Net helps Kresge staff, as well as Ross students and instructors, by:

  • paying copyright fees and royalty fees to publishers;
  • providing a secure e-commerce site from which students can purchase the materials;
  • offering many options for saving and downloading the digital readings,
  • and creating a tidy printed version (called a TEXTPAK™) for students to purchase at an additional fee.

The Study.Net site with the course's readings is always integrated into the course Canvas site through an LTI. This makes it even more accessible to students. Here is what a typical "integration" looks like:

Typical integration of site as LTI