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Master of Accounting (MAcc): News, Articles
and eBooks

Library Research Guide presented during MAcc Orientation.

Introduction to Common Business and News Publications

Kresge Library services doesn't have a direct subscription to many business publications such as the Financial Times due to cost and access constraints. Rather, these publications can be found within other databases that are contained within our subscriptions. This page contains direct links to the databases where you can find these publications.

For more information on specific access to the following publications please visit these links to Financial TimesBarron's, Harvard Business Review, The Economist, and New York Times.

Most Commonly Requested Newspapers

New York Times (via ABI/INFORM - ProQuest)

Best link - New York Times Complete (1851-present) from the University of Michigan Library & ProQuest

Ross Users | UM Users

Wall Street Journal (via ABI/INFORM - ProQuest)

Best Link -  Wall Street Journal Complete (1889-present) from University of Michigan Library and ProQuest

Ross Users | UM Users

Financial Times (via ABI/INFORM - ProQuest)

Ross Users | UM Users

NOTE: Financial Times has a 30 day embargo for electronic content.


Most Commonly Requested Magazines

Crain's Detroit Business

Available from a variety of resources - UM Links


Ross Users | UM Users 

Harvard Business Review

Ross Users / Alternative Ross Users Link

Bloomberg Buisnessweek

Ross Users | UM Users

Fortune (2013 to the present)

Ross Users


Ross Users (1990 - present) | UM Users (2010-present)

Fast Company

Ross Users | UM Users

Psychology Today

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Search for News and Articles

The following databases contain articles from newspapers, magazines, and trade publications in multiple industries. Enter keywords or company names to find articles about your topic.

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What is Kresge Database Search?

Kresge Database Search

This tool provides you with an interface to search across the majority of the article and some of the report databases available through Kresge Library. 

The Kresge Database Search will help you

  • Get started researching a topic
  • Use a single interface to find articles and reports from a variety of Kresge databases
  • Identify databases with good topic coverage

Not all of our databases are included in the Kresge Database Search. Coverage is best for article databases and a few of the market research databases.

ArticlesPlus provides the same functionality for databases from the University Library.

Library Database Search

University of Michigan Library
Database Name Search

This search will return the names of databases the library subscribes to, databases of locally created materials, and databases available to anyone via open access.

What is Journal Locator?

Journal Locator

Journal Locator is a database of all of the journal titles in the Kresge Library. This includes both print and electronic versions.

Journal Locator will help you figure out three things:

  • If the Kresge Library has a particular journal title
  • Where the journal is located and format (print or online)
  • What dates are available

Journal Locator

University of Michigan Library
Search for online journal titles

To find which journals are available online, paste the title of the journal in the box below. This searches the holdings of the MLibrary to discover database(s) where that journal is found along with dates of coverage.

Google Scholar Journal Articles: Search Across Kresge/UM Databases

Google Scholar provides a familiar interface and method for searching scholarly literature across a wide array of disciplines and sources. You can find articles, theses, books, abstracts and other documents that are buried in Kresge Library databases or stored in academic institutional repositories around the world.

Google Scholar is not Google.  Google Scholar is not searching the web at large, but a set of trusted resources that specifically focus on scholarly literature. Google Scholar is a good place to start to get a sense of where the scholarly literature on your topic is located. 

You can also set Google Scholar up to link directly into the Library databases that you have access to as a Ross and UM student.

Google Scholar Search

Linking Google Scholar to UM Library Databases

Google Scholar allows you to set your preference so that it 'knows' you are a current member of the University of Michigan community. This will allow Google Scholar to present you with direct links to journal articles that are in the Library databases.

To set up Library Links in Google Scholar:

  1. Go to Google Scholar (
  2. Click on 3-line "hamburger menu" in the upper left
  3. Click on "Settings"
  4. Click on "Library Links" on the left menu
  5. On the "Show library access links" page
    • Search for "University of Michigan", select the 2 options for Ann Arbor
    • Select the Full-Text @ Kresge option
  6. Click "Save"

Note: Google Scholar saves these settings using cookies on your computer. If you regularly switch computers or do not have cookies turned on, you will need to set these every time you use Google Scholar.

Find All Print and E-Books by Title or Keyword: UM Libraries Catalog