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TO 624 Strategic Sourcing: Supplier Identification

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About Supplier Identification & Sourcing

Despite the proliferation of available supplier information on the internet, identifying potential suppliers worldwide who provide a product or service meeting required specifications remains a challenge.

  • While Kresge Library business directories such as D&B Hoovers, Orbis or the below mentioned manufacturer identifiers provide initial leads, their business descriptions or assigned industry codes are frequently too broad and fail to accurately capture company offerings. 
  • Trade publication buyer guides and company rankings, trade show exhibitor lists, association member directories, and marketing reports often provide better on-target supplier descriptions since they focus on a more narrower, manageable market.   Foreign country investment and trade office company databases are also good for identifying real, existing companies ready to do global business.
  • U.S. Customs import and export maritime shipping records provided to fee-based  vendors such as Datamyne, IHS Piers and others are frequently used to identify competitor suppliers.  These tools however frequently provide inadequate product identification and companies can petition the government not to disclose the information.
  • In some industry sectors or world regions, supplier capabilities are not well documented and can only be obtained through personal networking. Fee based sourcing agents can also provide information.

Major U.S. and Global Companies

Association Locator

Industry Identification Codes

Major Manufacturer Identifiers

Specialized Product Manufacturers

Contact Librarian for additional information about specialized buyers guides and specific directories

IBIS World Procurement Reports

Company Supply Chains

Many companies do not reveal their suppliers because they consider them confidential but there are exceptions. Some companies disclose their suppliers for promotional purposes or in compliance with a U.S. SEC requirement requiring publicly traded companies to list clients or suppliers representing over 10% of revenue

  • Bloomberg ( Tozzi Center or onsite Kresge Library only)

Locate company profile. Type SPLC to obtain a map of supplier and client relationships. Accuracy not guaranteed