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+Impact Studio for Local Business: Restaurants and Food Service

Foodservice industry information

Ross databases, industry and government websites from which you can read market and industry research reports, news and articles related to your industry and companies, and find and download relevant market, consumer and related census demographic and business data often use government-assigned industry classification systems to index relevant company and industry data. Here are some of the codes that will be useful for searching data sources for your project:


NAICS codes for Food Services

311811 Bakeries

722320 Caterers

722330 Mobile Food Services (Food trucks!)

722410 Drinking Places (Alcohol)

722511 Full-Service Restaurants

722515 Snacks and Nonalcoholic Beverages


SIC codes for Food Services

5461 Retail Bakeries

5812 Eating Places 

5813 Drinking Places (Alcohol)


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