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STRATEGY 310 - Competing in the Global Business Environment: Researching countries

Prof. Reuben Hurst Winter 2020

Research resources for the global business environment

This guide will help you identify research and data sources for your Strategy 310 projects.  Ross also offers many specialized, industry-specific resources that may be helpful for your individual projects - stop by or contact the library ( for additional suggestions and research requests.

International news and articles

There are many sources available to you at Ross and at the University Libraries for articles, including academic journals, major news sources, and industry or trade press, depending on your needs on many different projects.  For your Strategy 310 research, you can't go wrong with some searching in Factiva, or using the Google Scholar search with links to the Ross and UM resources.  


  • An article search can often turn up all kinds of information on your company or industry.
  • Be creative with your keywords describing your issue or topic. Search on terms like "internationalization strategies", "multidomestic" or "global expansion" and use quotation marks or other database-specific commands to search by exact phrase. Be on the lookout for research articles related to your topic--look for the data section to see what resources the authors cite.

Contact a librarian