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Innovation in Action--Kresge Library support: Research Resources for IIA

Market research search tips

Remember that not all of the answers will be found in databases (or at all). In addition to using some of the databases below, remember to ask "Who cares?" about your industry and try to identify trade associations, government agencies and other relevant experts, groups and publications. There are always competitors, but they can be hard to identify. It's important to define your market and to be aware that many are made up of smaller, private companies, many of which operate within more than one industry. 

Research takes time. Search early and often. Keep track of where you've been and what questions you have. Brainstorm regularly with your team. Parse your questions into categories and try to approach each facet individually before extrapolating. Research is more like putting pieces of a puzzle together than a search for the "holy grail." Gather clues along the way, keeping an eye out for potential sources of information. See the Key Steps for Market Research Success for more tips.

When in doubt, ask for help!

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