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Career Resources at Kresge Library: News

ABI/Inform and Business Source

Search Recommendations for ABI/Inform and Business Source Complete

Select Advanced Search menu to target company research

  • Type company name. Select Company in right menu
  •  Select Abstract or All Text to expand search results

 Add to the company name one of the following terms in the Subject or Abstract fields or consult the database thesaurus:

  • Business Plans (Subject)
  • Case study (Abstract)
  • Competition (Subject)
  • Complaints (Subject)
  • Corporate culture (Subject)
  • Employee (Subject) [retrieve employee attitude, employee benefits]
  • Five forces (Abstract) [retrieve Porter’s five forces analysis]
  • Interviews (Subject)
  • Innovations (Subject)
  • Litigation (Subject)
  • Market (Subject) [retrieve market share, market size]
  • Organizational structure
  • Performance (Subject) [retrieve financial performance, performance metrics, performance awards]
  • Planning (Subject)
  • Ratings & rankings (Subject)
  • Risk(Subject)
  • Strategic (Subject)
  • Studies (Subject) [ also retrieves case studies]
  • Studies (abstract)
  • Surveys (Subject)
  • SWOT (Subject)
  • Trends(Subject)
  • Work environment (Subject)  


  • For more effective search results:  
    • Adjust Date menu to All Dates or Range.
    • Change Select Source Category menu to All Sources
    • Sort results by Most recent first or Relevance

  • Target and Limit search results. In search text box:
    • Use Boolean operators – And Or - and combine with other search terms
    • Select Company to locate company code. [i.e.fds=amzcom]
    • Or type hlp=company name [i.e.] Retrieves more relevant articles where the company is featured in the headline and lead paragraph
  • Locate interviews with company employees 
    • ns=NITV - This is for subject type of an interview. In search box, type:
      • ns=NITV AND  fds=amzcom will search for interviews featuring Amazon
      • CEO and ns=NITV will search for CEO interviews
  • Locate news transcripts featuring companies
    • ns=NTRA - This is for subject type of a transcript.  
      • Type: ns=NTRA AND  fds=amzcom will search for news transcripts featuring Amazon

Technical notes: Please log out of this resource as directed when finished. Failing to log out may prevent others from using the database. Downloads are limited to 100 documents per PDF.

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