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ABI/Inform and Business Source

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 Add to the company name one of the following terms in the Subject or Abstract fields or consult the database thesaurus:

  • Business Plans (Subject)
  • Case study (Abstract)
  • Competition (Subject)
  • Complaints (Subject)
  • Corporate culture (Subject)
  • Employee (Subject) [retrieve employee attitude, employee benefits]
  • Five forces (Abstract) [retrieve Porter’s five forces analysis]
  • Interviews (Subject)
  • Innovations (Subject)
  • Litigation (Subject)
  • Market (Subject) [retrieve market share, market size]
  • Organizational structure
  • Performance (Subject) [retrieve financial performance, performance metrics, performance awards]
  • Planning (Subject)
  • Ratings & rankings (Subject)
  • Risk(Subject)
  • Strategic (Subject)
  • Studies (Subject) [ also retrieves case studies]
  • Studies (abstract)
  • Surveys (Subject)
  • SWOT (Subject)
  • Trends(Subject)
  • Work environment (Subject)  

Business Insights


  • Business news articles from over 6,000 global and domestic publications - newspapers, newswires, trade journals, and magazines
  • Full-text access to current and historical Wall Street Journal articles
  • VIQ FD Disclosure earnings call transcripts of company management and investment analysts djiscussing company performance

Nexis Uni

Regional Business News (EBSCO)

Science Direct


Article Database Comparison



Business Source

Science Direct

Scholarly journals, trade publications, studies and disertations.


Nexis Uni

Global and regional press, trade publications.

Business Insights

Market share reporter, annual business rankings.

Regional Business

Local area enterprise information


Real time company news


Company and industry rankings and metrics


Bloomberg Professional Service – Tozzi only

Dominant financial resource tool used worldwide by major financial institutions.

Access only through special terminals at the Tozzi Electronic Business & Finance Center or Kresge Library. Training required. Check the Tozzi Center for workshop schedule.

  • Provides real time news, analysis, financial and market data for over 45, 0000 companies traded on major global and local exchanges.  Additional information available for over 100,000 private companies.  Consult EQS to obtain the latest company coverage numbers.  Delisted, bankrupt and inactive company information also available
  •  News from over 30,000 sources from around the world
  • Over 2,800 fundamental data items and financial ratios enable in-depth company performance and risk analysis.
  • Historical stock price archive varies, up to 30 years or more for some companies.  For more complete pricing, use the WRDS – CRSP dataset.