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Database Guide - Simmons Insights: How To Search

OneView Edit (Search) Screen

The Edit screen is where you create the reports. Most reports will use the Crosstab option, which is the default. Instructions for creating a report are below.

Creating a Crosstab Report

Example Question: Who is more likely to drink Pepsi, males or females?  What about Coca Cola?

  1. In the Dictionary Window (below the Search button), scroll to find the category folder for your product.
    • For this example: Beverages – Non-Alcoholic Drinks.

  2. Click on the small arrow next to the category folder to expand and see the possible questions.

  3. Click on the small arrow next to the desired sub-category to expand and find questions related to just this topic.
    • For this example: Regular Cola (Not Diet).

  4. Click on a question to display the survey answers in the Answer Window to the right.  
    • For this example: Regular Cola Drinks-Brand Summary. You should see Coca Cola and Pepsi on the right.

  5. Click on the desired answers in the Answer Window and drag them to either the Columns or the Rows box.
    • For this example: Drag Pepsi and Coke to the Columns box.
    • Tip: Hold down the CTRL key while clicking to select mutliple items.

  6. In the Dictionary Window, scroll to find the category you want to match your product with, usually some demographic information.
    • For this example: Scroll up to find Lifestyle (Demographics) and click the small arrow next to it to expand.  
    • Click on the small arrow next to Demographics (Personal Information).
    • Click on Gender to show the survey answers. You should see Male and Female in the Answer Window on the right.
    • Click and drag Male and Female to the Rows box.

  7. Click the Run Crosstab button in the upper right. The screen with refresh to show the Crosstab report in the View screen as shown below.

  8. Use the Export button to save the report for Excel or as a CSV file.

  9. Click the Edit bar at the top of the screen to return to the Edit view to make changes or create a new report.

OneView Crosstab Report


Demographics: Studies of a population based on factors such as age, race, sex, economic status, levels of education, income level, and employment, among others.

Psychographics: The study and classification of people according to their attitiudes, aspirations, and other psychological criteria, especially in market research.