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Automotive Industry: Electric and Autonomous Vehicles

Resources on the Automobile (Motor Vehicle) Industry

Electric Vehicles and Autonomous Vehicle Research

This page highlights several resources for research in the adoption of automotive technology and potential markets.  This page is dedicated to two trending topics in this industry: Electric Vehicles and Autonomous Vehicles. Below are some suggested keywords for searching these technologies in the databases below:

Electric vehicles: electric vehicles, EVs, electric cars, electric automobiles, battery electric vehicle, BEVs, plug-in electric vehicle, PHEVs,  hybrid electric, HEVs, alternative fuel vehicles, eMobility, EV charging, EV batteries, electric vehicle batteries

Autonomous vehicles: Autonomous, self-driving, automated vehicles, connected cars, driverless cars

Electric Vehicle Background

Automotive Industry Databases

Electric Vehicle and Autonomous Vehicle Market Research Report Databases

Researching Companies

To research automotive companies that are producing electric or autonomous vehicles, try using the name of the company as your search term in the databases below. The information you will find varies among each database and also depends on whether the company is publicly traded or a private enterprise.

Autonomous Vehicle Background

Industry Trends

The consulting firms listed below have teams dedicated to researching industries in which they operate. They often product free reports for consumption by the general public.  These reports are good overviews on future trends and issues impacting specific industries.