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Tools for Research Success: Kresge Database Search

What is Kresge Database Search?

Kresge Database Search

This tool provides you with an interface to search across the majority of the article and some of the report databases available through Kresge Library. 

The Kresge Database Search will help you

  • Get started researching a topic
  • Use a single interface to find articles and reports from a variety of Kresge databases
  • Identify databases with good topic coverage

Not all of our databases are included in the Kresge Database Search. Coverage is best for article databases and a few of the market research databases.

ArticlesPlus provides the same functionality for databases from the University Library.

Searching with Kresge Database Search

To search the Kresge Database Search, use the search box at the right of this page, or go to Kresge Database Search.

Type in your search terms, author's names, article or paper name or any other information that you are looking to find in the Kresge Databases.

For more advanced search options, such as finding articles from a specific publication or date, there is an Advanced Search form available.

For search tips and more information on how to search this system, see the Kresge Database Search Help.

Working with Search Results

Results will be from a variety of sources, such as journal articles, newspapers, reports and books. Each item will be listed with the title and citation information along with a brief description. Most entries also have a content type icon so you can tell if the item is an article, a web site or a book.

Click on the title to find out more information and the location of the particular item. 

To refine the result set, use the filter options at the left to change the date ranges, content type, or to limit to scholarly articles.

Advanced Searching Tips

The Advanced Search form will allow you to tailor your search results. You can search specific items, such as:

  • Search words in only article titles
  • Find articles from a specific publication, such as the Harvard Business Review or the Journal of Management
  • Search for a specific type of document, such as a Journal Article, Dissertation, or Report.
  • Search for only full text 
  • Search by article citation

These options and more are available from the Advanced Search page.

Kresge Database Search - Video

Library Database Search

University of Michigan Library
Database Name Search

This search will return the names of databases the library subscribes to, databases of locally created materials, and databases available to anyone via open access.