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MKT 411 Advertising Management (Fall 2019): Assignment

Resources for Marketing 411 (Katherine Burson) - Fall 2019.

Finding Company & Industry Information

To get good information on the company and industry you are researching, be sure to visit these resources. 


Finding Company Advertising Spending

If you are searching for how much a company spends on advertising, there are a few key resources. 

Kantar Media is one of the key firms tracking advertising spending - this will be what you are likely to use when you are working in the field.  

Finding Company News

You will want to get into the news resources to find what people are writing about in major advertising and industry newspapers and other news sources.

Managing Your Research Project

Here are some steps for you to take to complete your research project for MKT 411.

Some general hints to make your life easier:

  • Start early - Some items may not be as easy to find as you think.
  • Before you decide on a company - it might be good to check and see if there is enough information.
  • Ask for help - we are here to help you.  
  • Question the numbers - if they look odd or surprising - they might be wrong.
  • Use news resources - this is going to be very important for looking at what they are saying, especially in the trade publications.