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TO 300 Business Information Systems - 2021-Winter-B: SOW #1 Automation

RPA - Core Resources

RPA - Locating Articles

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RPA Vendor Selection

Here are just a few suggested sources.  Search Gartner  and Forrester for more.

Gartner. Magic Quadrant for Robotic Process Automation Software
Published 27 July 2020 - ID G00441474

Gartner. Critical Capabilities for Robotic Process Automation. Published 1 Sept 2020 - ID G00465756

Gartner. How to Choose Your Best-Fit Vendor for RPA Software Platforms
Published 20 June 2019 - ID G00389385

Forrester: RPA, DPA, BPM, And DCM Platforms: The Differences You Need To Know
Published: 2019

RPA - Implementation

Gartner. Robotic Process Automation: 8 Guidelines for Effective Results
27 June 2018  ID: G00355496

Forrester. 2019. Attended-Mode RPA: The Differences You Need to Know

Forrester . 2017. Reinventing Work in the Era of Automation

Forrester. 2017. Automation Alters the Global Workforce

Forrester. 2017. Automation Won’t Destroy All the Jobs, But it Will Transform the Workforce – Including Yours


Library Research Consultant

Corey Seeman

RPA Applications

Gartner. Use Cases for Robotic Process Automation: Providing a Team of Virtual Workers
Refreshed 5 March 2018,Published 26 October 2015 - ID G00290547 

Forrester. Case Study.  2017. Cisco redefines its approach to process to drive digital transformation

Gartner.  When and Where to Use Robotic Process Automation in Finance and Accounting

Published 19 February 2019 - ID G00377790