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TO 300 Business Information Systems - 2021-Winter-B: SOW #13 Digital Transformation

Application Program Interface (API): Background

API Management Platforms

Gartner: Suggested reports

  • Magic Quadrant for Full Cycle API Management.  22 Sept 2020

  • Critical Capabilities of Full Cycle API Management.  22 Sept 2020
  • How Are API Management Platforms Priced? 4 Jan 2021

​Forrester: Suggested reports

  • API Strategy and Delivery Service Providers, Q1 2018.  March 21, 2018

  • API Management Solutions, Q3 2020

Suggested reports:

  • Global Cloud API Market.  Allied Market Research. Sept 30, 2019

Suggested reports:

  • Global Application Program Interface As a Service Market, 2015-2020

API: Strategy

Suggested search terms: API strategy

Forrester: Suggested reports

  • A Developer's Guide to Forrester's Strategies for API Success.  Sept 19, 2019

Suggested search terms: API strategy

Gartner: Suggested reports

  • API Strategy for Midsize Enterprises.  Gartner. June 2018.  ID G00355063

  • Choose the Right API Monetization and Pricing Model.  March 2019. ID G00382797