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Company Research: Books

Locating Books About Companies

Locate company histories, executive and employee memoirs, biographies, exposes, and more in-depth analysis of business practices using Kresge Library's eBook collection and the library catalogs below.  

Books located at other libraries can be delivered through Iliad-Interlibrary loan.

As of June 2014, the Kresge Library's print book collection will no longer be available. The suggested book search strategies and subject headings are still applicable in other library catalogs.

Using a library catalog to locate books about companies



Search Recommendations for Locating Books

Use Advanced Search menu

Type the company’s name and select subject from menu

  • Ford Motor Company
  • Ford 
  • Google Firm
  • Enron 

 Add one of the following subjects to a company name for more specific information

 Ford Motor Company--History

  • Accounting 
  • Corrupt practices 
  • Case studies 
  • Employees
  • Finance 
  • History
  • Management 

 Locate books about business leaders or employees by selecting subject and typing:  Last, first name

  • Ford, Henry
  • Jobs, Steve
  • Brin, Sergey

 Locate memoirs or books by business leaders by selecting author and typing: Last, first name

  • Gates, Bill
  • Sloan



Kresge Library eBooks

Type the company's name in one of the eBook sites and get started. Limit search results using additional key words