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STRATEGY 290 The Art of Shaving: News & Article Databases

The Art of Shaving

Evaluating research sources - the CRAAP Test

Sarah Blakesley at California State University, Chico developed the CRAAP test as an easy to remember acronym to help provide a checklist of things to consider when evaluating an information or data resource:

Currency – when was it published? Has it been revised or updated? Do the links work?

Relevance – does the information answer your question? Who is the intended audience?

Authority – who is the author/publisher? Is there contact information? Can you use the URL to figure out the source?  (.com, .org, .edu)

Accuracy – where does it come from? Is it supported by evidence?

Purpose – why the information exists

Best Resources for News and Journals

Using news sources for company, product and industry research

Daily newspapers like the New York Times and Washington Post, business-focused publications (Wall Street Journal, Forbes or Fortune), and other sources of in-depth and analysis such as NPR, The Atlantic or New Yorker are often sources of information that is not easily found in company filings, financial reports etc.  Company databases like D&B Hoovers often include some recent news stories regarding company actions, executives, and other related events, but a news scan in one of our news and article databases is another highly recommended way to learn about a company.

Use the Company field on the main search page in the Factiva database to get started - you can start a search for Microsoft, for instance, and then choose the company to add it to your search.  Use the date field to do some limiting to recent news; you can sort by most recent if you like.  

Factiva also provides company and industry profile data - click on the Companies/Markets tab at the top of the Search page to search by company and link to latest news, financial and related data.