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TO 736: Topics in Global Operations: Kresge Research Consultants

COVID-19 impact on industries

Team Assignments

Please contact your research consultant directly for an appointment to review resources and research strategies.

Kresge Research Consultants - Team Assignments


Retail (non-supermarket) 1 Mary Catherine Moeller
Logistics and Transportation (industrial not passenger) 2 Danguole Kviklys
Automobile manufacturing and sales 3 Joel Scheuher
Airline (passenger and cargo) 4 Corey Seeman
Pharmaceutical 5 Danguole Kviklys
e-Commerce 6 Mary Catherine Moeller


Kresge Research Consultants - Contact Info





Danguole "Dee" Kviklys (dkviklys)




Mary Catherine Moeller (mcmoelle)

Corey Seeman (cseeman)






Corey Seeman (cseeman)





Joel Scheuher (jscheuhe)