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Velocity NextGen: SG&A Spend

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About Selling, General & Administrative (SG&A) Expense Benchmarks

SG & A in Public Company Financials

Use D&B Hoovers and Mergent Online to access public company financials.  Consolidated SG & A Expenses are provided and located in the Income Statement

  • D&B Hoovers offers Efficiency Ratios such as Revenue/Employee, Operating Income/Employee and a few others
  • Mergent only provides Asset Management Turnover ratios.

Company Advertising & Media Spend

IT Spend Metrics

The following reports provide some general information on IT metrics and spend data:

  • 12 Rules of IT Cost Management. July 2021
  • Measuring IT's Yield to Balance IT Cost Optimization: The Gartner Cost Value Matrix (Part 1). Oct 2019
  •  User Survey Analysis: Key Findings from Midsize Enterprise Summits in North America, 2017. 18 December 2017. ID G00344292. See Figure 1 Data Insights and Midsize Enterprise IT Footprint (Averages)

CFO magazine's Metric of the Month

"Metric of the Month" featured in CFO.COM provides some benchmark costs for finance, accounting and other related functions:

To locate  cost metrics, apply the following search:

  • Use Advanced Google Search 
    • All words: cost FTE  (can add terms such as "finance" "accounting"
    • Exact phrase: metric of the month
    • Domain: