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Velocity NextGen: R&D Spend

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Locating Company R&D Spend

Company R&D allocation and spend information can be found by examining company legal documents such as financial statements, US SEC 10K reports, publication databases, and investment analyst reports. However given R&D figures will most likely be consolidated and for the whole organization and not for individual product lines.

R&D in U.S SEC Documents

Use D&B Hoovers or U.S. SEC Edgar to access several years of company U.S. SEC 10K filings for information about their research and development plans and expenditures.

R&D in the Press

Use ABI and Business Source to access trade journal articles and press releases for information about company or industry R&D investments and strategies. Contact Librarian for other publication options

ABI -> Select Advanced Search

avionics (abstract)
research & development (subject)

Honeywell (abstract)
research & development (subject)

Business Source -> Select Advanced Search

avionics (all text)
research and development (subject)

honeywell (abstract)
research and development (subject)

R&D in Industry Reports

Frost & Sullivan and many of the other recommended industry reports have some information about R&D strategies and expenditures.

R&D in Investment Analyst Reports

For help locate analyst reports, contact Research Consultant -