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About this Guide

This Guide provides information addressing your project's requirements such as industry background,  IT vendor identification,  implementation time and costs, and enterprise applications. 

Review your project's resources and contact your library research consultant for a further appointment.

Getting Started: Gartner & Forrester

Additional IT Assessments & Trends

Company IT System Identification

Identify IT systems used by a company.  Look up a company and select Technologies in Use or TechCrunch located in left menu.

Library Research Consultants

Team 1#  Mary Catherine Moeller (

Team # 2 Celia Ross (

Team # 3 Joel Scheuher (

Team # 4 Laura Berdish (

Team # 5 Corey Seeman (

Team # 6 Laura Berdish (

Team # 7 Danguole Kviklys (

Team # 8 Mary Catherine Moeller (

Team # 9 Celia Ross (

Team # 10 Joel Scheuher  (

Team # 11 Jennifer Zimmer (

Team # 12 Jennifer Zimmer (