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TO 300 Business Information Systems - 2021-Fall-B: SOW #8 Online Learning Service-Large Publisher

Search Terms and Keywords

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Online Education Market

Suggested reports:

  • Where next for online learning in higher education. April 30, 2021

Suggested reports:

  • Worldwide Education 2021 Predictions, Oct 2020, IDC FutureScape
  • 2U Acquires edX: A Paradigm Shift in Online Learning and Education Technology Markets. July 9, 2021

Suggested reports: 

  • E-Learning Market Outlook with Global, Regional and Country Forecasts 2021 – 2027. Mind Commerce. March 2021

Online Learning Systems & Platforms

Suggested report:

  • Global Smart Learning Systems Market 2020-2025. Mordor

Suggested reports: 

  • Educational Technology and Solutions Market. Mind Commerce. May 2021
  • PreK-12 Instructional Materials Industry Competitive Analysis 2020,  Simba Information – Reports.  August 2020

Suggested reports:

  • Market Guide for K-12 Education Learning Management Systems, 23 November 2020
  • Market Guide for Higher Education Learning Management Systems, 27 October 2020

Educational Publishing

Educational Publishers

Educational Publishing Market

Suggested reports:

  • Publishing for the PreK-12 Market 2020-2021. August 2020, Simba Information - Reports
  • PreK-12 Instructional Materials Industry Competitive Analysis 2020. August 2020, Simba Information - Reports
  • College Course Materials: United States. March 2019, Freedonia Focus.
  • College Course Materials Trends and Outlook 2020-2022. November 2019, Simba Information - Reports

Online Meeting Technologies

Suggested reports:

  • B2B Online Event Technologies, Q3, Aug 26, 2020.  Examine Zoom, WebEx, MSFT and others

Suggested Reports:

  • Magic Quadrant for Meeting Solutions, 12 October 2020
  • How Markets and Vendors Are Evaluated in Gartner Magic Quadrants, 20 April 2021 

Corporate Learning Market

Suggested Reports:

  • Market Guide for Corporate Learning, 29 July 2020
  • How to Shortlist the Most Suitable Corporate Learning Technologies for Your Organization, 17 December 2020