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BCOM 350 Professional Communication Strategies: International Communication Styles

A guide to resources for finding country info and other international data for BCOM 350.

Resources on International Cultures

Use these databases to find out about a country's culture. Use what you learn to hypothesize about potential communication differences and other things to be aware of when doing business in this country.


  • Use the "World Edition" section to find detailed cultural information on over 200 countries.


  • Use the Global Insights tab and then Insights by country to look up your country. You will be pointed to various relevant resources, including Culture, History and a list of the top Corporations in that country.

Going Global/USA City Career Guide

  • Going Global focuses on career opportunities in the US and other countries.
  • Use the Country Guides section to look up  your country. Especially useful is the "Cultural Advice" section.

Europa World

  • Use the drop-down menu to look up your country and then browse through the Directory for Society & Media and the Directory of Business and Commerce.

CIA World Factbook

  • Look at the People and Society section for your country to get a quick overview of demographics. 
  • The Communication section focuses on infrastructure (telephone lines, etc.), not interpersonal communication.


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Cross-Cultural Communication & Business Etiquette

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